The previous article shared the power of Conscious Business, that the company’s Values can be used to create value for others. In this article I would like us to look at a very special participant, beneficiary and contributor to Conscious Business, who is sometimes completely overlooked, YOUTH.

  • Several statistics show that 45% of the world population currently is employable youth. Just like the Gender agenda, the Youth agenda is overlooked at our peril at so many levels. I would like to share the dangers that I recognise the most when Business thinks that Youth is someone else’s responsibility:
    Idle minds leave people vulnerable: The number of young people who are idle is shocking, and leads to them using their creative curious minds to drugs, crime and anything that is available to them, unfortunately absent to that list, is constructive engagement and opportunities to participate, belong and create.
    Negative attitude paints the world as a negative place: All young people who go to school, do the right things, behave well, and eventually are overlooked and not constructively engaged end up experiencing the world as not caring and selfish. As each day dawns, the young people move further and further away from their dreams, because of lack of opportunity, the only language available for youth is negative, because it is informed by their overwhelmingly negative experience of lack and doom.
    Unconscious Business breaks families: Unfortunately, without us realizing and taking full responsibility for our actions and decisions, we affect anything and everything attached to us as business. Homes and Parenting are severely affected when business is unconscious, and does not take note of what happens “outsidethe parameters of business. I am placing the word “outside” in inverted commas because that is the illusion that unconscious business has, that home, family, society and community around the business is “outside”. Unfortunately this is one of the truths we have to wake up to sooner rather than later, that there is no “outside”, and that there is society, and Business, whether Conscious or not, is part of the community, and therefore as important a role-player as government, civil society, church and family.

The impact of Unconscious business on families and relationships shows up in obvious and not so obvious manifestations:
1. Fight between parents and young adult children who are unemployed, and are labeled lazy.
2. Fight between spouses about what the young, unemployed child deserves and does not deserve.
3. The struggle in families with children who are on drugs.
4. The inability for parents to prepare and save for their retirement because they still need to maintain their adult children, who should be financially self-sustaining.
5. The struggle for grandparents who have to finance the lives of their grandchildren.
6. The bitterness between young parents who start blaming one another for lack because one is unemployed, and therefore a burden to another.
The list is endless…..this is just putting the spotlight on the impact Unconscious Business can have on families. For now, I am refraining from listing the impact on government, public facilities, social cohesion, and the overall life experience of all who are part of the community.

I would like to share this tool with you, which provides a simple, yet impactful process of BEING A CONSCIOUS BUSINESS, and taking on the Youth Agenda because it is the right thing to do:


process of consciousness

The Process of Consciousness as represented in this tool provides a roadmap to Conscious Business, and commitment to the creating as a Conscious Business:

Step 1: Personal Conscious Commitment: is a consciously chosen experience that one chooses to deliver over and over to people who interact with him/her, 24/7, until it becomes what is expected by all. At the core is CONSISTENTLY Doing and Being that chosen experience and impact.

Step 2: The Personal Conscious Commitment is now a Tool available for use. The business makes sure that the impact and experience promised manifests in the desired Leadership results of Inspiring, Empowering, Guiding, Acknowledging, Holding Accountable, etc so that people CHOOSE to follow him/her. This is only achieved when leader LIVES CONSCIOUSLY. This means PUTTING EVERYTHING CONSCIOUSLY AND IMPECCABLE in relation to each other, to produce that result. We leave nothing to chance.

Step 3: Personal Conscious Commitment, lived consciously, gives any Leader a leadership behaviour Anchored In Consciousness. When the Personal Brand is clear, and the leader has committed to manifesting it everyday, then the leadership behaviour will be informed by it. When the leader consciously creates the impact and experience every day, then all the leader does, says and who he/she is, is consciously done. The leadership behaviour is guaranteed to be aligned to the Conscious Commitment.

Step 4: Access Consciousness:
1. Monitor that you always create from your Personal Conscious Commitment.
2. Catch yourself within the shortest possible time each time you have deviated from your Personal Conscious Commitment.
3. Move back to stand on your Personal Conscious Commitment.
4. Continue to create from your Personal Conscious Commitment

Result: Conscious Business that takes full responsibility for integrating Youth into mainstream business without any waste of time.

What is benefit to us and others if we create from Personal Conscious Commitment?
• To young people at an individual level – replenished, rehabilitated, respected, by others and by self.
• To the family – harmony, love, belonging, success, co-creation.
• To the communities – mutual benefit, basic needs met, safety, harmony, health.
• To employees – valued, paid fairly, inspired, successful, collaborative, respected.
• To the economy – there is enough for everybody…no crime…no war… no conflict.
• To politics – harmony, collaboration, co-creation, growth, mutual respect.

My wish for you is… SEE Conscious Businesses wake to reality, and be responsive to invest in our children, and chose food for all, salt for all, water for all, health for all, light for all……Nelson Mandela.