If you are rolling your eyes at the beginning of this month, and waiting for the 1st of September when the noise is over, maybe this article is for you. Can I possibly guess why the rolling of the eyes? Is it because there is no man’s month, women pretend to be victims, the pull-her-down syndrome neutralizes what the moth is about therefore it is waste of time, etc…..If these and some of the other reasons that I not readily available to me come up for you, I invite you to oblige me in this article….My purpose is not to convince, but to share some perspective that I would like you to explore if you have not done so yet.


Transformation takes time. Transformation needs consistent attention. Transformation should allow trial and error until we find the correct rhythm to create what we want. The whole Women Emancipation Agenda is a transformation agenda. It is not change. It is transformation.


What is the difference between change and transformation? You may ask. I will depend on the dictionary to answer your question:


Change: To make something different.


Transformation: In an organizational context, a process of profound and radical change that orients an organization in a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness. Unlike ‘turnaround‘ (which implies incremental progress on the same plane) transformation implies a basic change of character and little or no resemblance with the past configuration or structure.


Both these definitions come from the same source, businessdictionary.com. The relevance is that the difference is seen by the same source. I want to focus on the words in bold: make different vs take to different level of efficiency.


For me the crux of the matter is that the real agenda of Women Emancipation is not changing women to be something different. If that was the agenda, I would not support it for the following reasons:

  • I still want to be mother to my children. I would never wake up and want my husband to be mother to my children. Every day I wake up I love that he is father to my children.
  • I love the fact that my role is so unique…I am a sister, not a brother to my siblings. I am an aunt not an uncle to my nieces and nephews, and I am a daughter, and not a son to my parents.
  • I think with my heart and do a damn good job. I do not want to think with my head. I would fail because my thinking process naturally starts with the impact on people, and then I rationalize. I am of the opinion that men rationalize, and then look at the impact on people’s feelings afterwards. Nothing wrong. Just how we are created. I believe that that is why children have mothers and fathers naturally…for both qualities to be present in the upbringing. (Please note that I am not by implication saying yes or no to same-sex parenting and sexual orientation. I am not disregarding that discussion, and not getting involved either).
  • I grew up knowing what I could say to my mom and not to my dad. I grew up knowing what I could say to my uncles, and not to my aunts. I grew up talking to my sisters about things that I do not talk to my brothers about.


For these reasons, I would never join an agenda that wants to make women “different”.


I believe that the Women Emancipation Agenda serves transformation as aptly defined in the definition above, “take to different level of efficiency”. For me this definition acknowledges that women have not been able to function and exist at a more efficient level. We have not been able to function at the next level of efficiency for many reasons: culture at home, in the society and in business; stereotypes that we can do certain things and not others, beliefs that boxed roles and endless other explanations.


I have joint the Women Emancipation Agenda because:


  • The Women Emancipation Agenda has liberated both men and women for mutual benefit. Now men and women are able to work together and complement each other to create solutions that are efficient at the next level. There is more collaboration.
  • Women and men succeed for each other’s sake. There is mutual benefit. An example is that opportunities that men cannot access women can, and visa versa. Jointly, men and women bring opportunities home…as partners, as siblings, as friends, as business associates, as community members, as citizens of countries, continents and the world.
  • Women and men shoulder responsibility Responsibilities of finding solutions, responsibility in decision-making and judgement, and the responsibility of building the future. No more is it relevant for one gender to blame the other gender for things that go wrong.
  • Women and men share visions and co-create The good news is that the visions that are all inclusive display both the Ying and the Yang energies; they have both masculine and feminine features, so there is great potential that the human race will function at the next level of efficiency.
  • Above all, and for me, most importantly, this collaboration and co-creation is building comradery…it builds companionship, it build trust, it builds friendships, which in turn provide an amicable environment within which we bring up new generations. If we do this well, the next generation will inherit it, they will not have to deal with the tension that comes with the mistrust as we navigate the new waters of gender equality…


We have a choice, to roll our eyes at yet another Woman’s Month drama, or to fold our sleeves and contribute in building an inheritance for our children…so that the future lands within harmony and appreciation of both energies that both genders bring into the mix… the Ying and the Yang that create life…..