If you want to develop and grow a Powerful Brand, look at the process provided. Once you live according to your Personal Conscious Commitment consistently, your Brand is established. Continued consistency will sustain it.

16 Colours of conscious communication.

  • As a leader, your role is to facilitate success and happiness for another.
  • One of the powerful tools available to us is communication.
  • Before we say anything, with Conscious Communication we have to pause and confirm/choose the desired result and impact that our speaking must create.
  • These 16 words provide 16 potential outcomes. Depending on what you choose, your choice of words, energy, attitude and commitment HAVE to be aligned, and then you are consciously causing the result that you want.

Definition of Leadership

You are either a leader with lower case l, or a Leader with uppercase L. leader is only concerned about self. Leader takes care and sources success for both self and other. Which leader do you choose to be? Check the qualities of Leader plus impact on other …the result is the same on both.

Leadership Capacity

How do you know that you are source for both self and other for mutual benefit? Psalm 23:5 says “ …my cup runneth over”. A capable leader knows how to create the overflow. This means the capable leader has created enough for self emotionally, physically, psychologically, socially, professionally, mentally and spiritually. All of this fills the cup. The only beneficiary is the capable leader. All the overflow then provides emotionally, physically, psychologically, socially, professionally, mentally and spiritually for the other. Any leader who is unable to do this is lacking. Every leader who can provide and respect the overflow IS A CAPABLE LEADER.

Consistent Consciousness

Sustaining a Brand is a totally different ball game, and relies wholly on Consistency and Living Consciously.

The process of Living Consciously demands that for every event or trigger (which simply means life happening), you have to choose process instead of haste.

Always afford yourself an opportunity to make a decision, act or speak from your Personal Conscious Commitment.

You can measure your success by the number of regrets you have per day/week/month/year/lifetime.

Leadership Explanation

Do you have an idea of the many layers of the word/role LEADERSHIP? Here is a glimpse.