Have you ever said one thing to a person, and they hear something totally different? Did you take time to establish where your intended message could have gotten distorted?

Conscious communication is about full awareness of what is informing what you say, what your agenda is in saying what you say, and what the real intended impact of your speaking is. Conscious communication also includes full awareness of the space within which your listener is going to receive the message. We cannot ignore the circumstance within which the communication is taking place.

The benefit of scanning your environment before you communicate is that you will hopefully choose words that will enable you to say exactly what you want to say. Nothing less, nothing more. You can then also receive the response taking full responsibility for creating it.

So, there is no blaming people for misunderstanding, not listening…

Conscious communication is taking full responsibility for getting the message across accurately. Conscious communication is a powerful tool in functional relationships, both at home and in the workplace.