July Month is recognised as Mandela Month world-over. I guess a great honour for SA and a powerful legacy for a great man, who was able to Walk-the-Talk. I will not talk about Nelson Mandela, I am not qualified to talk about him. I am however qualified to talk about the inheritance that he has left for me and many other beneficiaries of this powerful legacy.

The word-cloud above represents some of the words that I associate with the legacy of Stewardship. One of the synonyms of steward that I found in the dictionary is Overseer or Administrator. Someone who looks after someone or something. The other synonym is agent or proxy. These definitions remind me of a TV programme I watched in the early years of our democracy when SABC still had leaders of different faiths come on at 18h00 to share food for thought. The Jewish Rabi said that God appoints custodians of his wealth, and those custodians are given a mandate to distribute the wealth, knowledge, love, experience, resources to those that need. Stewards are custodians, so in July, all custodians are expected to showcase what they do anyway throughout the year, to distribute what they oversee so that those in need are taken care of.

The 67minutes of goodwill and stewardship remains a token of celebration of all those who have given, so that others receive, and Nelson Mandela is the face of it.


3 Questions that I put out for all those in Leadership, and who have been appointed as Conscious Leaders overseeing Conscious Business:

Personal Goal: What is your Personal Stewardship Goal for July 2016? So what I mean is what is your Personal Conscious Commitment regarding Stewardship? What muscle do you want to build in your Being that will enable you to be a good Steward?

Business Goal: What is your Business Stewardship Goal for July 2016? What is your committed Business goal/output/result regarding Stewardship for this year? Who are the beneficiaries? Does your business get the value or is it a tick-box exercise?

Leadership Goal: What is your Leadership Stewardship Goal for July 2016? What is your committed positive influence to people, communities and leadership capacity around where you are? Who are the beneficiaries? Do you walk-the-talk or do you join others because it is fashionable?

I would like to caution you as you answer the questions above. You can either answer them from the conditioned state of looking and choosing solutions, which means not really well aligned to a Personal Conscious Commitment, but from the usual response to our environment. If you do, it may look like paint a house and feel good, and for the rest of their lives that family’s life does not show any material improvement. If you choose your answers from your Personal Conscious Commitment, guided by alignment to purposefulness, legacy and leadership, then your contribution could be contributing to a child’s schooling which is a great investment into the future, and that child’s life is materially changed forever, long after you were there.

I invite you to commit personally, business-wise, and in your leadership role, to impact reality positively forever this Mandela month, as you commit one of your many 67 minutes to celebrating all stewards in the world, represented in the face of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Son of the soil.