“You are a visionary, you know exactly where you want to be and what you want to achieve. Anyone under your leadership is bound to succeed. You are a very organized person.(one can tell even by the way you present yourself). You are time conscious and a good planner. Whatever you plan you make sure it goes according to the way you have planned it. You are bold and confident.  You command respect by the way you present your business.  Your image is your brand, I think. Your work is smart, simple yet profound.”

Nthabiseng Ramphele

Editorial Manager, Maskew Miller Longman

It was very uplifting and I benefitted a lot. The feedback has given me awareness about life. This programme is really helping me to be a better person. Thank you very much for this programme.

George Ngolwe

Sales Manager, Barloworld Equipment Zambia

We started the course by learning more about ourselves: looking at our story (our history) and how this has shaped our thinking and our way of doing things. Once we all understood what we were about we were then given the opportunity of identifying our brand. Each person had to come up with one word that represents you as a brand. I really enjoyed this because knowing my brand, knowing what my life represents makes it easier for me to fulfil my purpose.

Lastly, what stood out for me was my elevator pitch. The idea here is that if you meet a potential client, business partner or employer in the elevator, you can introduce yourself, tell them what you do and show your strengths before the elevator reaches the next floor.. This was an eye opener for me because it made me realise how much I’ve been modest and selling myself short.

Nolwazi Dlungwane

Feedback from the ABSIP Women Development Programme

During my role as Chief Operating Officer of Richards bay Mineral (RBM) I was part of a Rio Tinto Global HQ initiated and sponsored Executive coaching programme. This was administered with the purpose of providing development and support to the global Senior Leadership team, in particularly on the context of meeting the demands of the business and the unprecedented market conditions, which requires strong people performances in managing operations, mineral resources, capital expenditure, financial performance and most importantly, safety.

At a personal growth and development perspective, I can attest that there has been a significant positive impact and change in my capability and capacity as a leader that came as a result of Queen’s coaching.

Her approach was to create awareness for powerful transformation to take place in my Leadership and Lifestyle, this has enabled me to transform how I lead, my leadership being informed by clear vision and purpose for enriched lives to manifest. This has included my being clear about where I need to add value, and to create desired transformation in myself, others, and higher purpose.

Their impact of this on people that I interact with and also lead has been profound and immensely rewarding. She was passionate about making me see how my life impacted on my performance, and assisted me in becoming aware of the significance and importance of a personal vision and purpose i.e. the choice to make a clear and specific difference and impact with all that I say, do and who I am.

My renewed self-discovery was very much informed by Queens’s affable, vibrant, focused and cheerful approach. The learning and education process was underpinned by her strong belief that Integrity is a cornerstone to Self-awareness for Self-management.

I can truly attest that her objective of her coaching process of facilitating the outcome of me building the capacity and capability of leading with inspiration, motivation and excitement for improved quality of life and productivity was not only achieved but exceeded.

This improved performance has resulted in exiting changes in my career, this being my confirmation and selection as a high potential candidate for future global leadership roles. This has then defined a growth trajectory path which includes:

(i) Future senior leader mentoring programme

(ii) My appoint in my current role which is an international secondment from South Africa to Australia with the purpose of giving me global exposure of leading at a senior level

Themba Mkhwanazi

General Manager - Expansion Support, RIO Tinto Coal

“Queen, Thank you for helping me reconnect with myself again, through you I have learnt that Phathiswa matters, not the circumstance or anything else. Through you I have also learnt that God is the source of my strength, he has been there, and he will still be there, I have also regained my faith and I have started teaching that to my children as well. God Bless you!!!”

Pat Mfene

Soul Magazine’s New You Winner 2012

On behalf of AWCA and our board members, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation and gratitude for taking time out of your busy schedule and availing yourself to be a guest speaker for the second and final instalment of our Power Tea Series this year.

We would not have been able to complete our programme of events without your contribution and support. Our members enjoyed the powerful words of wisdom you shared with them and left the session highly inspired.

Your continuous support of our organisation is highly appreciated and I look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship with you.

You are truly appreciated, and thank you once again.

Ms L. Sennelo CA (SA)

President; African Women Chartered Accountants (AWCA), African Women Chartered Accountants

“Powerful presence, Integrity, Forthright, Strong, Proud, Resilient, great communicator, elegant, caring..”

Mark Fraser-Grant

ICF accredited PCC, Siyadala People Development

“In the short time that I have known and worked with you, I have found you to be very professional, both in the dress sense and the way you present yourself. You enjoy your topic of expertise and this comes through strongly in the way you handle our sessions. I feel your passion for your work and really enjoy working with you. I have found that working with you is easy and I believe it’s because of your openness and frank talk.”

Karen Parirenyatwa

Group Risk, Nedbank

“This was life altering phenomena! I have no doubt in my mind and know that I am not only speaking for myself, that attending this life lessons for the past five months has been a turning point of our coming full circle.”


The following has been some of my outstanding pinnacles:

  • What is the level of consciousness do I exhibit?
  • What environment are you creating around you as a leader?
  • What legacy am I leaving behind?
  • Have I clearly defined the Vision for your life as a leader?
  • What is my life Purpose and am I living authentically in line of that gift
  • As a leader do I have the right balance?
  • Am I a conscious communicator or reflective one?
  • I am a brand everywhere I go I have to be mindful of how I am marketing this brand, my legacy, my vision for my life, my communication and my purpose.

Feedback from the ABSIP Women Development Programme

The ABSIP Women in Leadership course was extremely valuable and couldn’t have come at a better time for me as a new manager. I learnt lots of new tools which will help me understand how my own mind works and how other people also receive and respond to interactions.   It is my hope that by implementing some of the lessons from the course, I will improve my own performance and that of my peers and subordinates in order to overcome this challenge and ultimately that National Treasury can become a ‘model’ which other government departments strive to emulate.

Shingirai Chimuti

ABSIP course feedback

More than just a management course, the ABSIP Women In Leadership course is the start of a personal journey. It plants a seed that stays with you and reminds you to be the person that you are capable of being. It assists you to understand people and to become a leader in your personal and professional environment, always striving to act with integrity in every situation.

It taught me that I cannot just live for myself but that I have to live in a way that positively influences those around me. Most importantly and although it may seem obvious, the course teaches you to live your life consciously, always being connected to who you are and where you want to go.

I hope that everyone, male and female, get to attend the course.

Othelia Groenewald

My Experience in the ABSIP Women In Leadership Course

Thank you for facilitating the workshop on Friday. The verbal feedback has been awesome. We would also like to map out the Mentorship Programme for management and non-management staff. Once again, thank you for your excellent facilitation skills. You kept the ladies awake and alert.

Francie Shoniwa

CSI Manager, PPC Cement

During 2011 and early 2012 I had a series of coaching sessions with Queen and I found them to be incredibly valuable in my personal and professional growth. Queen was able to assist me to see potential in myself that I didn’t know was possible. As a result I have made some life altering decisions in my professional and personal life and am really excited about the future!I found Queen to be very professional yet approachable. Her ability to set the scene for each of my sessions was great as she was able to adapt to my situation and yet steer me on to my objectives. She was understanding yet pushed me to commit to taking the steps and doing the homework required after each session. I am very grateful for catalyst role that Queen has played in my life and would highly recommend her services to anyone ready and willing to approach that which we fear the most – our own greatness!

Sue Pos

Regional Nursing Manager, Netcare LTD

“1st Coaching Session: All that I can really say is WOW. Thanks for today’s coaching it has rekindled the fire in me for my purpose and given me clarity on my goals. I can not wait to see myself after session 6. You Rock”

Mduduzi Dlamini

HR Systems Manager, Usutu Mill Swaziland