Nathaniel Branded, in his book The Six Pillars of Self-esteem, lists ‘living consciously’ as one of the six pillars. What do you think it means to live consciously? I see it as meaning that I am almost always watching myself; what I say, what I think, and what I do.

Why would I choose something that sounds so unnatural? The thing is, once I choose who I want to be, I owe it to myself to ensure that I align my whole existence to that choice.

So, the benefit that I would get from living consciously is that I take ownership for being who I have chosen to be. I also stay in integrity, and I honour myself by staying aligned.

Who do you choose to be? How much responsibility are you prepared to take to BE that person? What is the benefit? Is it important enough for you to invest in mastering the alignment?

A good start could be getting a coach who can introduce self-coaching tools to you, so that beyond the coaching cycle, you continue to stay aligned, and live consciously. Contact me at for more information.