As we celebrate the 67 minutes of investing in “… a better life for all…” I am challenging all managers and leaders to choose 67 minutes of creating harmony and equal opportunities in the workplace. Painting and contributing to charities and destitute people is good. As an activist for Happiness and Success in the workplace, I see a lot of employees who are “destitute” when it comes to happiness and success. When employees are not safe to contribute, to participate in a meaningful way, are scared to voice their opinions because it is a career limiting move, are side-lined, are intimidated, are treated unfairly, are discriminated against, and all the other inequalities that happen in the workplace, then those employees are “destitute”. If we subscribe to the notion that “charity begins at home”, then the 67 Minutes on the 18th of July could be a good start for managers and leaders to choose to invest in the happiness and success of “destitute” employees, such that they experience “harmony and equal opportunities” N. Mandela.

Let’s briefly unpack harmony: it means the “inclusion” of all in such a way that nobody feels excluded and discriminated against. Harmony means, among others, that there is no fear, no favouritism, no segregation, and no intimidation, and that all pieces co-exist and fit in together.

Equal opportunities – guided by compliance of fair and just policies and procedures in organisations, guided by powerful Constitutional Leadership, equal opportunities guided by transparent contracting and

INTEGRITY in keeping everybody’s part of the contract. Here I plead that as a leader, you take on the

challenge of realising that when you deprive the Young Talent participation, recognition and creativity, you are relegating on your MORAL RESPONSIBILITY of INSPIRING them to grow to be successful and fulfilled. It means you are performing poorly in your moral duty, and possibly out-rightly just failing. You are not being who you have committed to being 24/7. When you take up a leadership role, consciously or otherwise, you have taken on the moral role to acknowledge, appreciate, allow, empower, inspire, facilitate,

motivate, vitalise, grow, challenge, persuade, test, implement…

So, my challenge is to all leaders and managers to deliver the organisations’ commitments to the

employees for at least 67minutes. Obviously the ideal is to live it every day, and the 18th of July 2016 could be when every manager and leader draws a line, and commits moving forward to provide an environment where employees’ Freedom to success is manifested.

What skills will leaders need? – Asking questions, Listen, Include, Guide, Mentor, Coach, Acknowledge,

Reward, Hold Accountable.