Greetings and here is to an AWESOME, AWESOME 2012.

I would like to just briefly presence the value of this Executive Book Club, whose main aim is to have powerful women, likeminded and self-driven, to expand our footprint by engaging in powerful LEADERSHIP discussions. The added benefit will be networking, fun, laughter, exposure to best practices, and availability of a safe environment where we can openly discuss leadership questions.

“Soul cannot thrive in a fast-paced life because being affected, taking things in and chewing on them, requires time. (Care of the soul – Thomas Moore)”

Seeing that most of us are so hectic, the Book Club will provide an opportunity to STOP and REFLECT. So this calls for commitment to benefit self and the other members. Give yourself this gift of time. Let’s see what you have gotten in 6 months, and review whether there is benefit or not.

So, to create context, please answer these three questions and share them with me:

1. What is the most burning question regarding Leadership that you want answered?
2. How urgent do you need the answer?
3. What are you committing to bringing and sharing with the other members?
4. What is your commitment to yourself?

Interested? Drop me a mail to join our first session on the 18th February 2012.