In every human being, there is dormant success waiting for trust, respect and integrity to be realised“

Queen Ramotsehoa

Driven by this belief Queen Ramotsehoa, PPC, established Tsheto Educational Services in 1997 which later changed to Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy (TLCA).

TLCA’s commitment is to contribute in the revolution for conscious living, where organisations invest in the organisational culture. Coaching and critical conversations are the main vehicles to achieve this, informed by the acknowledgement that employees are adults who have a choice, and they can be inspired to want to add value in their lives and the lives of those around them.

The stamp of value-add will be in the empowered and empowering approach to performance management. TLCA’s commitment is to transform organisations’ relationship to Performance Management, and to see it as an approach to achieve shared goals, shared culture, shared identity and shared achievement.

Main tools: conscious leadership, conscious communication, conscious management, integrity, strategy and alignment to policies, procedures, systems and processes.

Queen Ramotsehoa

Queen Ramotsehoa

Founder & Leadership Coach

I am the founder of Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy, previously known as Tsheto Educational Services. I have been a Coach and Mentor since 1983, in my first teaching role. I qualified as a workplace Coach and Mentor in 2004, and as a Consciousness Coach® in October 2006. My passion for people development has therefore evolved from teaching to coaching. I am accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). I see myself as an activist for happiness and success for all, from Executives to the foot-soldiers of every organisation.


What I bring is the ability to contribute to quality thought processes that guarantee desired results for individuals and organisations.  The by-product is self-respecting leaders, who master Self-Leadership.


  • BA Pead degree (Four years education degree) – UNIN
  • BA Hons (Comparative Literature) – WITS
  • Diploma in Personnel Management – DAMELIN
  • Skills Development Facilitators –UNISA
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System with the Mining qualification Authority MQA
  • Other Short Courses Attended: Project Management, Performance Management, Strategic Planning, Implementation of Learnerships, RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).
  • 6 Modules in Psychology NQL 6 for non-degree purposes with UNISA.

Accredited Practitioner/Coach